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Anyone Touring Savannah that Loves to laugh till the tears come and your jaws hurt, while learning about "the lighter side" of Savannah's history owes it to yourself and family to go with this tour....
I've traveled almost 5000 miles this winter (still going), and by FAR , these two grown men made an amazing impression on my family. A five star rating, but a ten star performance."

-Kelly D, Retired and Traveling

"This tour was the highlight of my weekend! I'll be doing this tour again the next time I'm in Savannah. These guys are awesome!"

- TN Carter from Charleston, SC 


"This tour was hilarious!! I would highly recommend this to anybody! We are a family of 6 with children ranging from ages 20 to 9. Danny and Johnny were so friendly and funny - they involved our kids in the tour, and made it so much fun for the whole family!! Unique and awesome experience!!!"

- Michelle from USA 


"Tour Savannah with two 'wild and crazy guys'! I haven’t laughed so hard since...ever! Danny and Johnny are hysterical and put on a funny and informative show while riding/running around Savannah. Go now. You won’t be sorry 😂😂😂"

-Rebecca from Dover, NH


"Hilarious! These guys did an awesome job at making everyone laugh but still was very educational. I will go again and when my family visits me in Savannah!"

- Nick M from Pleasanton, CA 

"This tour was the highlight of my weekend! I'll be doing this tour again the next time I'm in Savannah. These guys are awesome!"

- Kris from Orlando, FL 

"This is my type of site seeing!  These guys had our whole group laughing from the moment we got on the bus till we ended our trip.  It is impressive the amount of energy they put into their work, really shows and is much appreciated!!

Keep up the good work and look forward to seeing you all next time we are in Savannah!!"

- Rob from McLean, VA 

"OMG!!!! Amazingly funny for both locals and tourists. High energy with a thousand laughs. Highly recommend without hesitation. Oh and their bus is the 'the most haunted bus in Savannah.' Enjoy!"

- Bob from Bath, Michigan

"If you have a sense of humor and want to be entertained for an hour and a half while seeing the historic squares, the riverfront, the Spanish moss and Julia Roberts, I couldn't recommend the Morons more...We did both a "normal" tour and the Savannah for Morons tour and enjoyed this much more...5 Stars. Would hit it again and tell my friends."

- Howard from Ohio

"As the premier concierge for Savannah I have no problem recommending this tour to my guests. 
What a hoot the "Morons" are! What a scream! My girlfriends and I loved it!!"

- Concierge Savannah from Savannah, GA 

"What a blast!! These guys are super funny!

I live in Savannah and still learned a bunch of stuff I didn't know before. 
Family coming to visit?? BOOM!! Done and done."

- Josh from Savannah, GA

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